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Hello! I'm Sabrine Affes.

I am the proud founder of Nail Dar, located in San Francisco, California. I made the life-changing decision to move here from the beautiful country of Tunisia three years ago, bringing my passion for nails and beauty with me.


The name "Dar" (“Home” in Arabic) holds a special meaning to me and my business. My journey in the nail industry began back in Tunisia, where I started offering nail services from the comfort of my own home. In Tunisian culture, it symbolizes hospitality and encompasses the values of family, food, and creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. At Nail Dar, I welcome everyone, including my clients, into a space that feels like home.


With four years of professional experience, I have received training both in Tunisia and the United States. To stay updated with the latest trends and techniques, I continue my education through various training sessions and seminars online and across the United States. I specialize in Russian Manicure technique. Safety is always my top priority and I take pride in creating custom and unique nail designs that reflect the individuality of each client. 


As a devoted wife and mother, I deeply cherish my family, and I extend that same love and care to my clients. My true passion lies in helping women feel good and confident through my nail services. Seeing my clients leave Nail Dar feeling pampered, empowered, and radiating beauty is the ultimate reward for me.


I invite you to experience the warmth and hospitality of Nail Dar. Make an appointment where I will greet you with a smile, create stunning nails tailored to your preferences, and ensure your time is both relaxing and enjoyable!

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