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The Russian manicure technique, also known as European mani, E-file electric manicure, or combined manicure, is a dry manicure (or pedicure) that does not require soaking in water. This technique involves precise cuticle work, often utilizing a nail drill and other specialized equipment to clean and remove excess skin around the nail. The process employs 2-5 different electric file cuticle bits, resulting in a perfect outcome, particularly for clients with cuticle problems.

Service Menu

Gel Polish


2 hours

Gel polish with solid color applied to natural nails with additional nail base strengthener.

Recommended for:  short length and strong/healthy nails.

Hard Gel Overlay

2 hours

Hard gel overlay is a durable strong material, applied to natural nails, which is used to cover all the imperfections of the nail plate.

Recommended for: medium/long length and weak/damaged nails



2.5 hours

Extensions add length without plastic nails, by using paper or upper forms with hard gel or polygel (depending on the client’s natural nails.)

Reverse French Extensions

3.5 hours

Reverse French Extensions add length with abstract designed french line using paper forms and different hard gel materials.

Recommend for: unique, exclusive, expensive and fancy nail lovers

Regular Pedicure

$100 gel polish / 1 hour 30 mins

$90 regular polish / 1 hour 15 mins

$80 no polish / 1 hour

Our regular pedicure is a basic Russian pedicure focused on toenails only and is a dry pedicure with no soaking in water.


It’s a different technique compared to conventional pedicures. It uses an electric file with special bits for a deep cleaning of the toenails, clipping, shaping and gentle cleaning of cuticles. 


Bottom of feet/heels are not included (please see our Para-medical pedicure service instead) 


To add removal of gel from another salon, a simple design, or French tips, please view our extra services and select the appropriate one you require.

Para-Medical Pedicure

$170 with gel or regular polish

2 hours 30 min

Utilizing clinical foot care techniques, non-invasive pedicure that aims to provide instant and long-term comfort by addressing non-medical foot and nail concerns.


It is safe for diabetic or high-risk clients; using implements that have gone through autoclave sterilization, preventing the spread of bacteria, fungus, viruses, and blood borne pathogens.

We consult on ways to manage foot care needs and alleviate any discomfort within our scope of practice.



  • Initial health consultation form

  • Foot, skin, and toenail health assessment

  • Nail trimming, shaping, and cuticle grooming

  • Nail debridement and reduction (for thick or fungal toenails)

  • Safe callus reduction (30%-50% reduction) using electric file and sterilized implements

  • Utilization and application of medical-grade, podiatry formulated foot care products all throughout the service.

  • Application of nail polish, if requested.

  • Home care recommendations to improve and manage overall foot and toenail health

Para-Medical Pedicure (Virtual follow-up)


1 hour 30 min

This is the follow up service after your initial Para-Medical Pedicure with us to maintain the health and wellness of your feet and toenails. This service must be booked within 4-8 weeks following your initial appointment.


If it is beyond 8 weeks, then a "Para-Medical Pedicure" must be booked.

Luxury Pedicure


2 hours

Our Luxury Pedicure includes our “Regular Pedicure” service (which focuses on detailed work for the toenails only) and additionally treats the full foot.

This luxurious treatment includes soaking feet in water (for more relaxation, rough skin removal with smart disk innovative patented tool, scrubbing, Footlogix specific foot treatment, hydrating foot mask, and a massage. Gel or Regular polish can be applied.

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